2-28-2023 ~ National Pancake Day...Again?

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I haven't seen them at Aldi in either CT or OH for months. Price Chopper had the McCain's Tasti Taters on sale...for $5.69 a 30-ounce bag. :cautious: I'll make homemade potato wedges from real potatoes (5# of russets were on sale for$2.50/5# bag) before I spend that much.

However, I found 2# bags of the Market Basket version this week. $3.69 a bag. Could not tell the difference from any other brand. Look for off brands/house brands and try. That might work out for you, too.
Can't find any brand potato "puffs".
Haven’t been able to get tater tots/puffs around here in quite awhile. No clue why. :(
Tater Tots is a copyrighted Ore-Ida brand name. Most grocery store house brands have them under different names, for example, the Signature SELECT's (Albertson related stores) name is Potato Puffs, Aldi calls them Potato Puffs, Trader Joe's calls them Trader Potato Tots, Wally World's Great Value brand calls them Taters Seasoned Shredded Potaotes and Kroger stores calls them Tater Bites.

NOT any brand potato "puffs" available.
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I vote we get together, each of us buys a bag of tater/tots/puffs, stash them all in a large carton, and mail them to msmofet.
Sorry, but due to $$ deficiency, box can only be sent via snail mail.
Who all is in?
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