2005 Restaurant Trends

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kyles, you've just reminded me of something i used to do. a meditation exercise i have tried is to take a single raisin, and close your eyes, sit in a quiet and comfortable position (my knees don't do that cross-legged thing), and slowly eat the raisin, concentrating completely on it. the taste, texture, smell, the sound of chewing. try to completely experience the moment, shutting everything else out.
it was pretty neat to do. sometimes, we eat so fast, inhaling everything. the exercise was a great way to learn to slow down and experience the food as best as possible. it really can make it taste better.
Oh, dear. I'm smarter than the average bear (or eater), but molecular in reference to food? Yumm yumm. Ugh!

In fact, guess I'll always be avant guard in my own small midwest town, but hopelessly behind the times when it comes to food fads. Interesting, though, to see what the food fads are "in the big city". No matter what I like the mom & pops, particularly restaurants that are started up by immigrants trying to feed their compatriarts. I guess I'm a failure when it comes to being in style.

I have noticed that the two food magazines I subscribe to (Gourmet and Saveur) seem to be featuring Korean food a lot the past few months. I keep hoping a Korean place will pop up here (meaning Galena or Dubuque) sometimes soon. Has anyone noticed this cuisine popping up in The Big City?
Speaking of trends, reminds me of the restaurant in Germany where patrons dine in complete darkness (to enhance the experience somehow)and the servers are equipped with night vision equipment. :? I'd probably end up accidentally stabbing myself in the cheek with a fork or something. :LOL:

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