A question of string for trussing......

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Mar 17, 2010
south central coast/California
I trussed the boneless leg of lamb for Easter...it was wonderful on the barbeque with indirect heat, by the way.
I had butchers string for the job, but husband insisted his nylon cord would be better. My dear daddy was a meat cutter, and he used only butchers twine, so that's what I used too. Husband insists that it was only because the butchers twine was cheaper. I know it sounds silly but please prove me right.:rolleyes: Can nylon twine be toxic or anything??
I did a quick google search on the melting point of nylon. It melts at 450 F and should not be used at temps over about 234 F.

I guess that's a pretty good reason to not use it in a hot pan or oven.
What makes your husband think the nylon would be better than butchers twine? Butchers twine works exactly as you would want it to work. How is changing materials a benefit according to him?

I am with the others. I would stick to the butchers twine. Unless it is designed for such high heat then I would not feel safe using it.
butchers twine every time. It gets moisture from the meat so it doesn't burn. Nylon is not absorbent so it melts into your food or on you pans. yuk.
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