Any of the old guys still left out there?

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Executive Chef
Jun 24, 2007
Berks Cty, Pa.
I was cruising the net looking for info on BBQ beef ribs, and thought of this place.
Been more than a year since the last visit.
Bubba, Witdog, Pigs, Puff, Nick.......
We had some good insults swapped back and forth.
Actually met most, which is unusual for forums.
Hey, Rags how they hangin?

Hey Moose Meat, what's up?
Been away for a while.
Sold the travel trailer and meadow creek rig (miss the meadow creek).
Bought a bass boat and been beating the waters.
Was down Capt Morgans way a couple years ago, and been down to La., a few times, in Surfin Sapro's and JB's country fishing Redfish.
My best friend, owns and operates a winery, wants to put on promotional cooks at his retail stores. I'm charged with buying the equipment. Looking to get a couple of big dogs with sinks, chicken cookers, and of course, the tank/warmer deal.
Should be fun getting set up.
Made a sauce from my recipe file, last week, that had your's and Capt Morgans name on it. Was intended for Salmon, but worked with cod.
Had dill, and shit in it. Good stuff. You may be immortal. :grin:
Got any naked pictures of Palin up there?
Must be a blue moon. Howdy Ron, your looking well. Dont see much of Bigwheel these days ether.
Hey Pigs, what's happening?
Sounds like the gang scattered.
Was using my meat grinder this week making sausage and while using the push stick I turned on the lathe, I remembered posting it's picture. Wit dog wanted one as well as the cop from NY and I made one for both.
Going to put a butt, pastrami, boudin and Italian sausage on the WSM today. Holding to tradition, a sip of whiskey at the end will be done with a toast to all you guys.
See ya.....
Made me think back to when "roller boy" auctioned off his sauce recipe for a new wheel chair van.

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