Are there cuisines/dishes that use whole wheat flour?

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May 15, 2020
Prior Lake
I have a big bag (10 lb.?) of whole wheat flour.

I'm tired of bread/whole wheat bread.

I tried making Indian flatbread (roti/chapati) with it, and it isn't the right flour (atta is not American whole wheat flour) so it kinda failed.

Basically I'm looking for any cuisines recipes (if anyone knows any) that traditionally use whole wheat flour (not ones where you can add whole wheat flour, but ones that use it by default.) Like say whole wheat bread. But I'm tired of bread. 😂

If they're out there! Thanks all!
Both my Indian neighbor and I have used whole wheat flour to make roti. She makes it regularly and FAST. It's fascinating to watch her work. Maybe you need a different recipe.
I don't use AP flour only whole wheat due to our diet choices. I use it for whole wheat bread. Even though I could make more baked goods there's really only the zucchini-fruit bread I make that uses WW flour. There's a non-traditional oil free gravy, a mushroom gravy and I use the ww flour-but it's not ideal for a smooth finish. I've made whole wheat pasta but it's not a nice as say a semolina dough, but, it's possible. I have made ww pizza crust, bagels, hamburger buns, hot dog buns, they all turn out great with the same bread recipe but they are bread. Sorry to say this isn't helping.
I have successfully made chapati with hard whole wheat flour. I have also made pasta using whole wheat. We thought that it tasted better than white flour pasta. Maybe it's because I use organic, stone ground whole wheat flour. We liked that pasta both in the fresh version and in the dried version.
@BAPyessir6 You are right; though you can use standard WW flour for flatbreads and the like, it's not the same. Atta is durum wheat - the same thing used for most pasta (except not in WW form for most pasta). And a lot of atta in Indian markets is not 100% WW - something you have to be careful about.

What is it you are looking for in the bread? I use a lot of rye flour in my breads - more WW than rye, but sometimes I add a little extra gluten, so I can increase the % of rye. Sometimes some potatoes in the bread, too. And I usually start it a couple days early, to give it some extra flavor. Plain WW flour in bread isn't my favorite thing, either - it needs other flavors added.
Have you thought of mixing it with AP or bread flour?
You can use roughly up to 30-40% whole wheat without having to change the recipe.
After that, it's basically a small increase in liquid
To me flour, any flour pretty much equals breads. Or thickeners.
Not sure what would happen if you incorporate into cakes, blech?? Maybe cookies could handle it better, just not too much, a couple of tablespoons maybe?
Then there is pasta, you could do that. Personally I just don't like the taste of whole wheat pasta, but if yoiu just add a couple of tablespoons to the recipe it would not change the flavour completely.
That's all I can think of.
Good Luck - let us know what you try using it in.
LOL, you could also repackage in 1 lb bags and gift them to friends and foes alike.
No one ever complains when I bake cookies, cakes, or muffins. I bake them all with all whole wheat flour. I think they are the perfect way to hide the whole wheat taste, since they all have other flavours included. I don't think that most people even notice in something like that.

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