Attempting a Topsy Turvy Cake with Fondant Today

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Nov 10, 2010
Ottawa Valley, Ontario, Canada
I am stepping out of my area of expertice this afternoon. I made the mistake of telling my daughter to go on-line and get some ideas for a cake we can bake for her mother to celebrate her birthday tomorrow. She chose a fairly elaborate one. I am happy to try it, I just have never had great success with baking. Anybody have any tips for a foolproof technique or recipe for fondant? Any tips would be greatly appreciated.
I buy my fondant, I've tried making it and even though it tastes MUCH better, it makes a pretty significant mess. My only tip would be to keep it at a steady temperature, and try not to let it get warm. Warm it gets sticky, and will sometimes crack.
I made fondant once. Never again. If I need it (VERY rare occasion) I purchase it.

Don't really care for it as cake frosting. Ganache is SO much tastier, not to mention better texture.
Thanks. I wanted to try to make fondant with my 13 year old daughter. More for the experiene than anything else. It was tough, but not a total disaster. We made two batches, split the second one before the kneeding stage and added food couloring. She wanted a polka dotted cake. It is the stickiest thing I have ever worked with. Made a lot of dishes and mess, too.

It had its moments:LOL: And was an experience, alright.
Can you share the recipe you used? I tried a marshmallow fondant once and it was a disaster. The cake I want to make for my daughter's birthday is covered with fondant. (polka dotted as well)
We read so many recipes on line, and there were lots of different techniques. So, I just told my daughter to pick one and we will go with it. She chose a youtube video, so we could actually see how it was done. All in all, it was fun. I will try again because I am stubborn and have a bunch of gelatin and glycerin left over and I hate to waste.:LOL:
‪Rolled Fondant Video Exactly How To Make Rolled Fondant From Scratch‬‏ - YouTube
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