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Jan 25, 2005
Foat Wuth
Ok..while yall been hanging out in cyber space I was a busy boy. Our extended family had about 5 birthdays within a short time frame so it was elected for Pee Paw and Nana to host the blessed event. Picked up two nice sized butts at Kroger the other day 22lbs in toto I think. Figgering the need to feed 30 or 40 them up Friday night..then woke up bright eyed and bushy tailed at 3 AM Sat morning and started the magic show. Checking the available resources found a real out of date jug of Bad Byrons Butt Rub..Dang that stuff was invented for butts. Anyway made a tweaked up version of Smoking Okies finishing sauce and managed to feed all comers with what that claimed was the best ever seen on planet Earth. Cooked on the Electric Brinkmann with pee can wood. Yes it was very good. Took around 14 hrs to get them properly birthed. Here is Act I.


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hanks folks. Aint sure how Nicks invite got lost in the Noo Yawk City mail system..hmmm. I got one last photo since yall seem to be visual oriented. Its the last hurrah for the poor old butt. No it not have shampoo on it.


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LoL, I dont know if anyone else caught this, but i think shampoo would give the meat an awkward taste there buddy! Maybe if you use conditioner too? ( Top Left of the meat!)

Nice Pics!
Not sure where that stuff come from. Most of us dont even have hair let alone needing all that frivolous stuff. It must be for the Shitzu or the Putty Tat maybe.
Well some prob be glad they was no shows. We had some who got in the cups and did crazy stuff. This was the final torture for the poor old butt.


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