Birthday Menu and how the internet created a new birthday tradition for our family...

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Feb 21, 2024
Birthday Week Menus

My son's birthday is next week. So I thought I would share this story.

Oh, about six or seven years ago my son became friends with a girl on a forum online. On this forum they were discussing birthday traditions. The girl said that her family had a tradition where the birthday boy or girl would choose the family menu for the week of their birthday. If the birthday celebrant wanted pizza all 7 days they would eat pizza all 7 days. Nothing was out of bounds. After he shared her story with our family we adopted it as our own. I love cooking the meals for my family and they love getting their favorite foods on their birthday week.

Here is his birthday menu:

Monday: Greek Nachos with Pita Chips
Tuesday: Crunch Wrap Supremes
Wednesday: Stuff Crust Pizza
Thursday: Welsh Rarebit
Friday: Homemade Spaghetti

Do any of you practice this tradition?
Our tradition is that the birthday person gets what they want for the day of their birthday. A friend of mine celebrates birthday week where she does something special each day, but it's not necessarily food-related. I've adopted that one 😁
I just love birthdays. I don't know which I like more cooking and buying gifts for the birthday celebrants or celebrating my own birthday.. LOL
Birthdays are pretty low key private affairs in my family.

We always let the birthday person choose the meal or restaurant and the dessert along with a few cards and small gifts from immediate family.

I usually chose a warm pineapple upside down cake with plenty of real whipped cream!

I love this tradition!

Sadly, in my family, birthdays are only celebrated if I force people to "celebrate". I am the only female in my immediate family, and the males just don't have any interest.
I am also love this tradition!

I don't know many person who celebrate his birthday whole week!
Actually for kids - I love the parties. But things (well, especially for me) have changed sooo much. Been here for 5 celebrations and each and every one has been mostly outside the house.

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