Blue Star Chunk Crab

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Sep 1, 2004
All this talk about crab cakes firmed my resolution to find some chunk crab. All I could find locally, other than canned, was Blue Star Chunk Crab in a pouch like they now sell tuna in (except this was refreigerated). Under ingredients, the only contents listed were crab and a color preservative, so I bought some. Anyone familiar with this stuff?
Otter, I bought some, also in a pouch in the freezer section, a few months ago and it was really good and a huge improvement over canned. Mine was backfin, as I recall.
Mine said "Blueswimming" which I've never heard of. It was about $5.42 per 6 ounces. My only two options were that and the claw meat, which was about a buck less. Now if I can only keep my nose out of the pouch long enough to make the crabcakes! :LOL:
That's the stuff! It was the special meat that I got.

Geez. This makes me want some good cakes, too! You'll eat well tomorrow!
Wow, that looks good. I've been wanting to try a new recipe for corn crab chowder, I'll have to find some of this. Did you all find it frozen (with the Mrs. Paul's kind of stuff) or somewhere else?
Mine was in the refrigerated, not the frozen, but I imagine it could be in either section depending on the store.
I found mine in the freezer case with other seafood (cod, bass, flounder) and frozen crawfish tails.
Tonight was crabcake night. Naturally, I had to nibble some first. I didn't like it as well as the dungeness crab I used to get in CA (it was much sweeter), but I went ahead with the recipe anyway. I'm sure it was no comparison to a good crabcake on the coast, but it was certainly much better than the pre-prepared ones I had bought here previously. I'm going to try it again with a few minor tweeks that I think would make it more what I'm looking for.
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