Breaking in the new Performer

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Sep 17, 2009
Newark, OH & Indian River, MI
After seeing some of the recent posts and all the food I'm almost embarrassed with my three chicken breasts, but it is the first cook on my new Performer. My wife loves a twist on the BBQ Pit Boys Seared Chicken Breasts using John Dawson's Guinness® BBQ Sauce rather than Vodka Sauce. The Performer is great, worth the wait for the replacement parts. Next on tap is breaking in my new 22.5 WSM with an 8 lb. brisket.

Hey Buzz, since last week, I know what a joy it is to cook on a brand new 22,5OT Premium (is that modelname only used in Europe?)


I so-called "p....d this ch...y" but left a mark... :oops:

During a refill I talked with a new friend and accidently rested the chimney on the back handle. There was even a picture made of it:

Fortunatly it's only a minor thing,it's only the plastic back handle so that can be easaly replaced.
Frank, I see your new OTP has the big thermometer in the lid, I saw the new Performer over here and they have the same feature. I saw a new one in a deep wine colored Performer, fell in love with it, saw it was $125 more than I had paid for mine, fell out of love with it :D It is a nice feature though. I do not remember if you can get YouTube, but if you can here are the latest and greatest Webers on this side of the world.


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