Butter VS Margarine

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Oct 17, 2004
Southern Illiniois
My dad grew up on a farm where all their dairy goods were fresh and homemade, so he never wanted anything but real butter. I remember big pitchers of fresh milk on my Grandma White's table. Since it hadn't been homogenized, the cream came to the top, and it was a treat to get a slurp of that fresh cream. When my Dad was growing up, they had no refrigeration to speak of, and they chilled the milk in the deep well.
My mom and Grandma Snarr used margarine and/or Crisco in their cookies and other baking, but real butter was always on the table.
In fact, I kind of got off butter as a young woman, because they always left theirs sitting out on the counter except in the hottest of weather, and it got runny and greasy tasting.
I keep a healthy, reduced fat tub margarine on hand, simply because it's handy for toast, garlic bread, and the like. I use mostly olive oil for cooking, but I often add a pat of two of butter for flavor. I use real butter for baking unless the recipe specifies otherwise, and with meals for baked potatoes, rolls, corn on the cob, etc.


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Feb 8, 2006
spdrdr said:
Okay, okay, I'm convinced! No more margarine in this house! I really liked my pampered chef spritzer but it got to the point it wouldn't work correctly. Andy, what department did you find the pump bottle in?

I just got a cheapie one from the dollar store and it's worked great! I think it's meant to spritz plants or hair or something, but it works as my oil spritzer! :-p


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Apr 16, 2005
North Texas
mudbug said:
ick ick ick

I had one of those Pampered Chef thingies to spray olive oil out of. Didn't work worth stink, IMO.

Butter or oil up your pan another way. Margarine is just creepy.

I have one too. It's ok,but it get's icky and clogged very easy!!
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