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Sep 28, 2010
Is anyone making their own cheese? Do you have any easy starter recipes? I would love to get into making my own since I love it so much!

I basically do the beginner cheeses which are super easy one is ricotta basically bring a pot of milk to around 180 with a splash of vinegar in it and when it seperates you turn it off let it rest 10 mins and strain the cheese let it hang in cheesecloth for a few hours and its good. other is mozzarella but i havnt made in long time you can look up they have kits to make it its pretty easy as well
My DH thinks we need a dairy cow--I'm not quite ready to commit to milking 2x/day. I tried ricotta last summer--it didn't work for me, but I probably didn't do it right. It didn't thicken. I have to go to NY this weekend to p/up mail from folks in the US (asked that the mail be sent to the UPS store instead of to my P.O. Box in Canada since Canada Post is on strike--a pain, but there is a side benefit--I can go grocery shopping while I'm there). Milk is a lot cheaper in NY. I can bring back $20 of dairy products, I think I'll buy a couple of gallons of milk and try making ricotta and moz. again. A friend of mine used to make goat cheese (she had goats). It was so good.

I guess I better clean out the fridge so I can squeeze two gallons of milk in...

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