Chicken marsala

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Dec 7, 2010
Hi Everyone
I want to make chicken masala tonight so I went to the grocery and bought everything I needed. When I just now referred to the recipe, I see that it calls for sweet marsala and I bought dry. Should I use it anyway or get back in the car and take it back and switch it? How much of a difference will it make? Any help is appreciated.
Dry marsala is the traditional and preferred marsala for this dish. Sweet marsala is for desserts.
Thats exactly what I thought and definately what I wanted to hear. I went to the Food Network site and surprisingly most people use the sweet. Next time I'll try it with sweet, but not today..Its too cold to go back out and I'm in Florida!! Woke up this morning in Ft Lauderdale to 38 degrees!! BBBBRRRRRRRR Thanks for your help
I've also made it with both, and like both. I also woke up to temps in the 30's and I sure wouldn't go back out to switch it!

Enjoy the dry version, then this weekend when temps are due to be back in the 70's, go get the sweet wine and try it again.
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I use to cooki chicken marsala very often and when I have only sweet one, I use it too!
In my humble opinion the sweet one is better for cakes like Turamisù, but it's ok also for this recipe, the only difference is that it gives a little sweet note to the dish.
I use the chicken breast and flour and generally make like a cream to serve with.
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