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Dec 6, 2003
Hey folks, I'm working out my Christmas menu at the moment and I'm leaning towards making butternut squash soup for the soup course but I was just curious if anyone has any other good holiday soups in this same hearty, rustic genre.
That's so funny - as I started to read your question I was already thinking butternut squash soup - and that's what you had in mind! LOL

I'm not sure what your recipe calls for but you might want to try a dash of cumin or even curry. I just don't think there's a better soup for the occasion. Just my opinion though :)
I'm glad you both agree--I really can't think of something that fits better on a Christmas dinner table. I did pumpkin soup last year for Thanksgiving and it just brings the meal to a different level--plus, I can let people into the kitchen without worrying when soups are at hand.

It's always interesting planning out Christmas menus because I'm up here in Boston at school and I'm calling my mom with different recipes, sending them to the house online for later use, etc.
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