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john pen

Master Chef
Jan 25, 2005
Western NY
Grilled up some chuck eyes for dinner tonight...pretty tasty for an inexpensive cut ! The wife made a pasta salad to go with 'em ...

Looks darn right tasty John. I'm a few hours away from eating and after lookin at you pics my tummy is telling me that I better start the grill sooner :)
Puff said:
Larry Wolfe said:
Puff said:
ScottyDaQ said:
Puff said:
[quote="ScottyDaQ":2hsp62yj]don't think they're chuck eyes...but they look good
Sigh.......... :roll:

Looked real fine JP.
:roll: You're one to talk. :LOL:
The sigh was for you. :roll:

Puff, how were those chucks you bought today?? :shock:

Yeah, if I were you I would have done the same!! :roll: At least you have some good jerky meat! :LOL:
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