Wednesday food, what was your evening meal

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Sep 13, 2010
near Montreal, Quebec
I decided that I need practise making Danish smørrebrød (open faced sandwiches). I have no problem making them taste good. I need practise making them look good. So tonight it was smoked salmon, sliced hard cooked egg, and shrimp on rugbrød (Danish style heavy rye bread), garnished with cucumber and lemon "springer". That's the thin slice that is cut part way and then twisted so it will stand up. This is tonight's attempt.

I figured that I wanted some veg with that and I have been craving this Southwest inspired bean salad for a while. So, I made some. I love that salad. The sandwiches were pretty tasty too.

The smørrebrød:

Danish style smørrebrød with smoked salmon, egg, and shrimp.jpg

And the Southwest inspired bean salad:

Southwest inspired bean salad.jpg
I smoked a rack of baby-back ribs today. It never entered my mind to take any pictures. DOH!

My dog sitter gave me a loaf of her amazing beer bread. That was my side. It will also be my breakfast in the morning.

If I manage to think about it, I'll slice and photograph some of the ribs and beer bread on Thursday, and it to this post.



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