Claire's Fault Meatloaf

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Ogress Supreme
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Jul 14, 2009
I just thought of this as a meatloaf, it's Claire's Fault, because she mentioned some of my favorite ingredients along with jams and jellies in the "Tri Tip Roast" thread.

Claire's Fault Meatloaf

1 pound Ground beef
1 pound Ground pork
1/2 pound mushrooms, diced
1 stalk celery, minced
1 green pepper, diced
1 red pepper, diced
2 teaspoons minced ginger
1/4 cup Teriyaki Sauce
several splashes of sesame oil
1/2 cup Onion and Garlic Marmelade
(Stonewall Kitchens in York, Maine)
1 cup fresh bread crumbs

Mix meats well. Saute' the veggies in 2 teaspoons olive oil, until tender, cool. Add veggies to meat with the rest of the ingredients. Test for addition of extra liquid or bread. Black pepper to taste.

Shape loaf on foil covered rack with holes poked in it in a 9x13 pan. Bake @ 350F, covered for 30 minutes. Remove cover and bake until 165F on meat thermometer. Glaze top with additional Marmelade and bake another 10 minutes or until glaze is bubbly.
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