Cold Smoking, Burgers and a New Camera

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Oct 7, 2009
San Diego CA
Smoked some cheese, salt and pepper I'm gonna send to my Dad in Michigan and have been wanting to smoke some hard boiled eggs too for a while. Used a combination of apple and oak pellets in my A-maze-n Smoker.

Getting started and everything on the 26er. Cheeses are Med cheddar, Pepper Jack and the round one is 3 Alarm Colby Jack

Eggs after 2 hours. These thing turned out amazing!!! I used a few and made deviled eggs out of them and everybody that tried them loved them. I made an egg salad sandwich this morning for breakfast and they were even better .

I got a new camera from my Wife for Christmas. Since she is computer illiterate I had to order it so no surprise there. I charged the batter and started playing with it immediately. I found a little light box I had purchased a few years ago I forgot I had and was messing around with that too. Here is the cheese that I had smoke for 3 hours total.

Then Dinner time came around so I made some burgers with the help from my youngest Son sort of. He stuck around long enough to flip the burgers then was out of there.

Checking out how my new camera take pictures in the dark, used my Son as a test subject before he split.

The Family wanted regular burgers, I wanted Loco Moco for dinner.

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