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Sep 4, 2004
Galena, IL
I think in England they might be called "allotments" or something similar. When I lived in the military, they were parts of the community that were set aside for people to grow veggies and such. Here people not only grow vegs and such, but also some of the produce is put aside for the food bank. Does anyone participate in this:? I don't, I have all I can do to keep the little patch of earth I own ... well, less than the city would show up and arrest me for. But I think this is a great concept and have friends who do not have enough land that is sunny enough, and they love it. (p.s., I do give away a lot of stuff towards the end of the summer!).
No we don't participate in a community garden, But there a few in different areas ,They are really something here, People working every day. they water and pull weeds the area looks so clean and well kept, We atopped one day and watched then realized the man woman we using broken tools so we went and bougt a trellis and trowels and a smalll spade for them. you would have thought the had found gold. It made us not only feel good , it gave us the umph to go home and put on work cloths.
when i was growing up on naval bases, i remember my dad renting some land for a garden at one duty station. he was ahead of his time on the subject of nutrition. also my mom preserved a lot that fed us in the winter. the military does not pay very well.

nothing for me this year. just don't have the energy to keep it watered properly. i love fresh veggies. though the price is sky high i still buy them.

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