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Feb 6, 2011
Hi guys,

I'm wondering if its actually able to cook dishes that actually look like the pictures in the cookbooks we use?

Is it just me, or does those pictures always look better than the finished recipes?

Welcome to DC. Actually we have some good cooks who post pictures of some incredibly good looking food. You'd better have a drool rag ready or your keyboard will be sticky with drool.:LOL:
hell yeah it's possible
the difference tends to be that the pictures in your cookbook tend to be taken by legit photographers who treat the whole thing like a set and make sure the backdrop and lighting is perfect.
Anyone with access to a good camera will shoot some great food porn
I think a lot of the cookbook/magazine pictures are actually creations of food stylists. They tend to use non food items to get that "perfect" look. That and the professional photograghers used.:rolleyes:

Probably not. The food that you see in a cookbook usually isn't edible. They use things like hairspray, paint, epoxy glue, gloss, etc. to make the food look its best. The real deal will never look the same because you are making it to be eaten, not photographed. Here's just one of many articles about food styling.

The dirty tricks of food photographers | Pixiq

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