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Apr 29, 2005
Akron New York
Made some tamales the other day and Garry Howard told me a spell back to put a penny in the bottom of the steamer to let you know when your out of water. You can hear it dancing around in the boiling water. Worked like a charm. Also, I ran out of corn husks so I called a Mexican pal (who makes them all the time) too see if I could get some and he told me to use coffee filters. Worked great! He told me that at family reunions that's all they use when they make a hundred or so.

Who will post pics as soon as he figures out the new puter. :oops:
Well glad to hear of something useful coming from Garry Winklefish Howard. Thanks for the tip.

Not sure how long you been out of the loop but he married a beautiful and extremely nice hiwayan lady named Killi. Think it began as one of them cyber chat room romances or similar. Anyway he brought her over here and they had an ideal marriage when after a brief few years she took sick with some form of the big C and passed after a lengthy illness. Chubs did not seem to take it well. Still not fully healed I dont think. It is now going on year two of her depature. Know he is much mo betta now than he was for a while. His old email list is about as dead as a hammer. Him, Dex, Amos, Buzz, Harry, Doug, Big Jim Witten from Floradiddy and few others is about all that still discusses over there very much. They usually get to chatting amongst themselves so I dont post much. Seems like most of my time is devoted to keeping this place running right:)


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