Deep Frying Corn

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Apr 29, 2005
Akron New York
Fill your deep fryer up with vegetable oil, peanut oil (adds a different
taste to corn), or what ever. Heat the oil to 450 degrees.

Drop corn cobs in and cook till you see them kernels turning brown (about 10
to 15 Min.), remove from deep fryer.

Put on a drainer, or just put on a plate with paper towels to absorb the
oil. Now cover with butter while hot, a dash of salt
The frying is supposed to bring out the natural sugars in the corn for a wonderful taste. I just didn't do it right. I think I had my oil at 350.

450 sure is hot. What's the smoke point of vegetable/peanut oil?
Captain: Not sure of the smoke point. For god's sake be careful Leave plenty of room so it wont boil over. Husk the corn and let it sit in the sun for 5 minutes before you put them in. No batter, Just necked corn on the cob.Adult beverages are NOT recommended when 450 degree oil is involved. I saw a fryer go up one time in our local park. Got so hot it burned a hole in the pot and all hell broke loose! Fryers are banned in the park now.
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