Dinner Friday, 11-25-2022 ~ no turkey tonight

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Jul 21, 2009
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After spending a lot of time in the kitchen yesterday, I made a supper so easy and quick Himself could have made it :unsure: or not.

Some whole wheat bread, thinly sliced ham, Pearl Valley Lacey style cheese + Cuisinart Griddler = tasty toasted sandwiches. Smeared some of my horseradish spread on the bread, too. I'm done in the kitchen. Any other food is DIY.

What did you have? Probably turkey?
I was going to make some leftovers soup and try a recipe for dumplings from Chef John. But, I got to organizing the cheeses and cold cuts in the fridge (I wanted to use up any cold cuts that had been hanging around in open packages.) and then I ran out of spoons. So, we ordered from our favourite Greek resto. We had an appetizer of grilled loukaniko with lemon sauce. I had the souvlaki platter: 2 sticks of souvlaki, roast potatoes, rice pilaf, a salad, and garlic bread. DH had moussaka. It had the same sides as my platter. It was very good, as usual.
Was out and about yesterday and had some "fast food" at the local grocery counter from the Asian counter, Steamed Rice with Shrimp. Huge bowl and ate the whole thing.
Supper ended up being only the 3 Ribs I had planned but nothing else got done. Was plenty and good enough for me!
We had leftover soups--ministrone for him, clam chowder for me. I'm trying to use up leftovers so I'll have some room in the fridge without stacking everything three high!

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