Do you really use kitchen thermometer for deep frying?

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Jan 18, 2012
Far East
Yes, without doubt, if the oil is hot, but not hot enough, this is a real problem and your food will be totally ruined. I have plenty of experiences that my eggs got stuck and my dumplings got burnt when the oil wasn't hot enough or too hot.

But I find when you are familiar with your cookware, it's really not necessary to use any thermometer, but observing, and waiting for the right time to put the food into the oil is good enough. You'll fry your perfect dishes.


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Dec 24, 2010
Depends what I'm cooking.
For prawn crackers I just put a small piece in the oil (when I think it is close to temperature) and wait for it to rise up and expand.
Then start frying the rest in small batches.
For french fries, I check with the instant read thermometer as it only takes a second to check and I got one, so why not.
I don't deep fry very often. If I do, I use a small cast iron wok.
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