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Little yappy dogs...

I have one of those living with me... my mom's stupid dog. I've managed to train her not to bark at everything, including the wind. And no, I didn't abuse her in the process. It was all about constant and consistent behavior modification.

Training a completely untrained dog is a lot of work. I have no idea if it works with chickens.

Every summer when I was a kid i'd go to the village where my grandfather used to work. We'd stay at the same people house. They had all kind of animals. But mostly chicken. I was around 5, I believe, at the first time we were there. Or at least I do not remember going there earlier. We probably did. One day the woman of the house told her teenage son to get a chicken for dinner. With an ax in one hand he cut up with one chicken, holding it by her legs he went to a big tree stump on the side of property. With one swing, it was a headless horseman, well, headless chicken. And though there was no horse involved, that chicken ran without the head straight towards me. I got so scared, I was paralyzed, could not move. Thank G-d, chicken did not make it, dropped dead half way.
I was traumatized for life. I am still afraid of birds.

That is my chicken story.
ahhh, poor you Charlie. Sad (but I am grinning. LOL)

My very first experience with a headless chicken, several of us young teenagers one summer snuck over to a farmer's yard and stole one of his chickens from his huge flock. We ran for the woods where it was promptly dispatched but at least they hung on to it from running. Then they built a fire, plucked it - and I ran away home. But the report back was that it was disappointingly the toughest chicken they'd ever had. In retrospect it's a good thing it was or else there probably would have been more and more episodes before they got caught. For the record, whenever our 'gang' got up to anything we invariably got caught and we had to pay the ferryman.

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