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May 31, 2004
Calling all tea drinkers: What's your favorite brew? Anybody have a British food/tea/product that you love? Any that you have trouble finding? We're expanding our tea/British foods offerings and I'd love lots of input. Thanks, y'all!
I'm a Lipton.....regular flavor....kinda gal..........gotta have my 2 hot cups in the morning to function.

If memory serves me right Bucky had some input on this topic before so I'm sure he'll give you some ideas.
DS, You might be talking about jasmine tea. Has a nice floral aroma.
Jasmine, Earl Grey, peppermint and Lipton. Interesting! Any more tea drinkers? And to our British folks...What do you love to eat, packaged food-wise? Any brands you recommend??
Twinings Darjeeling or Earl Grey, Sunflower Jasmine, and Ito En Genmai Cha..which happens to be under my nose at the moment.
yeah..that is weird for you being from the UK.. each to his own.. I love Earl Grey..that is my ultimate favorite.
I know... but then i'm a bit weird lol And yes, each to their own. If we all liked the same things the world would be a little dull.

The only tea I tried which was ok was Japanese green tea. :)
I like chamomile, green teas, and some herb teas.....not all.

I love the smell of mint, and knew I would love the taste of mint tea. So I planted some in my herb garden. In a year or so, I started making iced mint tea.

It was really good!!!! I drank almost half a pitcher. My nose started running, my throat got sore. I thought -- I'm getting sick, I'll drink more tea. I drank the rest of the pitcher....

You guessed it, I was sick as a dog for 3 days. I am allergic to mint!
That happened to me when I grew and brewed chammomile. I thought I was getting the flu. It was delicious tea, too...sigh...
Yorkshire Tea is the only normal tea I like the Yorkshire Gold is fantastic, real strong workmans tea, fabulous.

Earl Grey is lovely, and Lady Grey is even nicer, more delicately scented, it's got lemon and orange in it to boost the bergamot notes

I don't know where it's disappeared to but I used to love Vanilla tea, I make my own by putting some vanilla extract in strong tea, but it isn't the same!
Cardamom-Cinnamon from Republic of Tea; Lemon-Ginger from Stash; a black tea from Scandinavia flavored with wildflowers, forgot the name, it is from Sweden. Actually I prefer coffee but occasionally do have a cup of tea, and I love iced tea in the summer, black tea flavored with lemonade and Orange syrup.
I really didnt think there was a big diference in tea, , I just always drank Orange Pekoe....Until I trried Earl Grey...OMG!! I was hooked! I also enjoy frshly made Chamomile tea
kyles said:
I don't know where it's disappeared to but I used to love Vanilla tea, I make my own by putting some vanilla extract in strong tea, but it isn't the same!

My sister always keeps that tea on hand, either Ashby's or Rather Jolly's...can't remember which, but it is outstanding! Your Yorkshire Gold sounds like Taylor's.
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