Fired up the SS1

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Jack W.

Sous Chef
Mar 1, 2005
N. Charleston, SC
Hey gang,

The rains here in Charleston have been relentless. Some plan changes for last weekend created an extra day off. The weather looked cooperative, and I had some demand for ribs and Q to fill , so I fired up the SS1 and put it through a good solid quantity cook. I used Royal Oak Lump Charcoal and hickory chunks for wood.

The cook went smoothly. I'm feeling my time lines shorter than what I am accustomed to from my offsets. The last time I fired the pit St. Louis Spares went in about 41/2 hours at 250. I backed the temp off to about 240 and got some times I am more used to. I am experiencing some char on the underside of the ribs. If anyone has a solution to eliminating that, I would be much obliged. The char is not sugar based so I think I'll cut back the heat on the next cook and see what happens. No foil used for the process. I would think I shouldn't need it. Even though I don't have a water pan, moisture in the enviornment is good, and the cooker is very tight.

The pork butts took between 10 and 12 hours at 240.

Fuel consumption was very good. 2 bags of charcoal went 28 hours and I kicked up the cooker after it was empty to burn off the grates a little bit.

Question: If you use a double wall insulated cabinet smoker what are you target temps for various cuts?

Pictures here:

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