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Chief Longwind Of The North

Aug 26, 2004
My Dad, uncle, and grandpa were going stream fishing for brook trout, a favorite pastime in our family. My cousin, who was a year older than me, And I stayed in the station wagon with the windows cracked. The temperature was comfortable. We sat in the back with a large bag of M&M's to share between us. We separated out the colors, and entertained ourselves. Unexpectedly. e saw a wolf nearby. We watched it until it ambled away after several minutes. Of course all three adults caught their limit, and we had a feed of a mess of fried trout for supper, another favorite among my Dad, grandparents, and uncles. Back then, the limit was 10 brookies per person, with the smallest needing to reach at least 7 inches in length. When we ate trout, nothing else was cooked, or served. We soo became experts at pulling the spines from the cooked fish, removing almost all of the bones. Life was so much simpler back in the 1960's. I only wish i could have those experiences with my kids, and grandkids. The streams were small, but had fish in every hole. The names were colorful and I knew them by heart; Halfaday, biscuit, Rocksbury. Ankadosh, Swagert, Sullivan, The black, the Pine, Pendell's, Neomikan, Tahquamenon and there were others, each promising to fill our wicker creels with brookies, and rainbows. Yes, Michigan's U.P was a fisherman's paradise. nd I haven't even touched what could be caught in Lakes Superior, Michigan, and Huron, ant the river that connected them.

What are some of your favorite food memories, be it a special holiday meal, a favorite ice cream or fudge shop, roasting hot dogs on freshly cut willow sticks, etc.

Seeeeyal Chief Longwind of the North
fond? or disappointing

Remember those little wood spoons for eating ice cream? It's true, you remember too, don't yuh! :LOL: Still good memories.


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Stewart's Root Beer stands. Root beer or floats in a heavy, frosty REAL glass mug.
Callahan's and Hiram's Hot dog stands.
Remember those little wood spoons for eating ice cream? It's true, you remember too, don't yuh! :LOL: Still good memories.
I liked the chocolate and vanilla dixie cup with the wooden paddle.

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I have fond memories of family get togethers, when I was just a kid. As I have mentioned before, my mom didn't cook. Dad's idea of a great meal was a huge bowl of lettuce with tomatoes and anything else that was handy, topped with a can of beans and a big glob of "salad dressing" (Mayo). Use your imagination and you'll picture it, easy enough, I'm sure. So, holidays were often at someone else's home, unless mom got an order in for the place that cooked a turkey for you. One of my Uncles was Cuban and man, could he cook! His wife (my aunt, Mom's sister) did better in the kitchen than my mom, but mostly what Uncle taught her.

Anyway, I still remember his Stuffed Potatoes and his Arroz Con Pollo. Yummy!! I've asked around, but no one bothered to learn the recipes before he was gone. Sigh.
I fondly remember the Yule meals where my mum would put on the Danish "Store kolde bord". (The big cold table). There were so many yummy Scandinavian things put out and we could take what we wanted and leave anything we didn't want. The next day she would roast a bird with a meatloaf inside instead of stuffing. That bird could be a large chicken, a turkey , or a duck. The bird was delicious and the meatloaf was really tasty.

I also remember summer Sunday suppers. My dad would cook something on the charcoal grill, usually chicken or steaks. He was engineer, so he built a motor to drive a rotisserie for the chicken. Those meals always had potatoes baked in foil in the charcoals. We had salad with that and sometimes a half an avocado which had salad dressing filled into the gap from the pit. We really liked those meals. My mum was a really good cook when she was feeling inspired.

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