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Aug 2, 2014
Central/Northern AZ, gateway to The Grand Canyon
I saw this on Face Book back in July 2023, it struck a cord in my soul.


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We have been so very, very fortunate/blessed in our lives.
My husband and I had discussed that we'd do something like this for some time, but then, well, life got in the way.
Random Acts Of Kindness were all the buzz back when, and then fell away when the World got knocked off of its axis because of Covid.
We see the World righting itself recently and decided to look into making a donation.
I called our local middle school (right at the end of our long boulevard) and talked to the "head lunch lady".
She told me that there are many children who can't pay for their breakfast and/or lunch; that a special "Angel Account" was created with donated monies to help ALL of these kids out.
I asked her how much monies they use of this fund in a school year and wrote a check to cover it.

I love to share the dishes that I make with others, and I thought that helping to feed our local kids was my avenue in that direction.
Or how we say "Spread Aloha".
Ya know, there's not alot of money here in Cowboyville Arizona USA and I felt like we needed to lend a hand.

But there's other ways we all can share food with others in other ways ... once, not too terribly long ago, there was a young mom buying groceries in front of me, counting out what cash she had along with her EBT card - she didn't have enough and started asking the cashier "if we take this off and that off, do I have enough then?"
I butted my nose in and said, "put that on my tab".
It wasn't like she was buying sugary snack foods, it was only REAL food.
These are very proud folks `round here, and she asked for my information so that she could pay me back, I said, "pay it forward sweetie, when you have something extra that you can share with someone else, you do it."
She gave me a HUGE hug and went on her way ...
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