Freezing Veggie Lasagna?

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Feb 25, 2010
Has anyone tried freezing a no noodle, veggie lasagne w/zuke and mushrooms? If so, before baking or afterwards? THanks!
I think you'd have better results if you baked it first. Those veggies naturally have a lot of moisture in them. If you freeze them raw, they will be mushy when defrosted. If you cook them first, some of the moisture will be driven out of the veggies so they may freeze better.

I can't say it will be the same as if you cooked it fresh but it may be acceptable.
it's not exactly what you've got in mind, but but eggplant parmesan is basically similar and freezes ok. bake it off first and after it cools, cut into portions, wrap tightly and freeze. after you defrost or reheat it, you'll get a little water separation but it's no big problem. if you use noodles, most or all of the water will be re-absorbed. ;)
Yup, bake it first. When I freeze regular lasagna made with noodles I typically freeze it prior to cooking, but in this case I would cook it first due to, as Andy said, the moisture factor of the vegetables.
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