Fried Freshwater Fish at the Cottage

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Washing Up
Jun 26, 2004
Hello All!

I still don't know where people on this list are from, but am myself from Canada...

Anyways, when we go up north to the cottage/cabin, whatever, its normal to be some time from the nearest grocery store, so what are you going to do when that night fishing trip brings home a boatload, and there's no cornflakes or flour to bread the fillets?

Here's one idea!

Fillet, bone and skin your catch...

Prepare an egg batter, with or without milk, and dip the fillets in same...

Take a bag of salt and vinegar chips; pinhole the bag, and crush the chips to a fine meal with a rolling pin...

Toss in your fillets, one at a time and bread them thoroughly...

Fry in melted lard (okay, its hardly heart healthy!)(but you cannot beat the taste!)

This tastes soooo good with perch or pickerel (ie walleye) that I'd love to hear you it works with catfish...

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