Fruit and Cake Cobbler

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Jun 3, 2004
Fruit and Cake Cobbler


2 cans of fruit pie filling, or three cans of fruit in syrup (peaches)
Two layer cake mix
Eggs and oil and water as needed according to cake mix instructions (with can fruit use the syrup instead of water)
Aluminum foil
Preheat both Dutch oven and lid on fire while preparing cake mix. Prepare a small bed of coals (6 to 8, a few more in winter) on a piece of foil, shiny side up. When Dutch oven is hot, move to bed of coals. Wipe bottom of Dutch oven to remove oil residue.

Pour pie filling or fruit slices into hot Dutch oven - should sizzle. Cover and let fruit heat while you mix cake.

Mix cake according to instructions on box. Substitute syrup if you have it for water. When fruit is bubbling, pour cake mix evenly over the top of the fruit.

Cover Dutch oven and add 2 to 3 times as many coals on top as on the bottom. Spread coals evenly over top with a few extra in the middle. Allow to cook about 15 minutes, then check. Move heat around as needed-if edges cooking too fast, slow down bottom heat by removing coals. Do not over heat bottom to avoid scorching and burning fruit. When cake is done by usual testing methods and lightly browned, remove all heat. Oven will keep the cobbler warm until ready to eat.

Good Combinations:
Cherry filling with chocolate cake mix
Sliced peaches with yellow cake
Blueberries with yellow cake
Apple filling with spice cake

More Goodies:
Before closing lid, sprinkle top of cake mix with chopped nuts
chocolate shavings
butter brickle pieces
Toll House chocolate pieces
butterscotch pieces
red hots

Clean up is easy. Scrape oven well, then add a little hot water to break down sugary residue. Scrub with aluminum foil to loosen food particles. Avoid soap that will damage seasoning of oven. Rinse well. Heat on fire and wipe interior lightly with cooking oil to prevent rust.

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