Good Eats? Sat. June 27

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Oct 31, 2006
Newport News, VA
Guess I'll start off the menus tonight. I'm making chicken and rice. It's in the oven. Seasoned with garlic and will layer some Swiss cheese on top at the last 15 mins. We'll have salads along with the chicken and rice. I have a cantaloupe for dessert.
Sounds like a great meal Jabbur!

I'm doing Asian influenced ribs in the oven. These are so meaty they're more like little pork chops when cut apart.
Fried beef liver, butter sauteed onions, liver-fond gravy and mashed potatoes.
Himself will be grilling shrimp and scallops later tonight. I've already prepped the salad/side dish, the "variation" of the Cooking Light recipe Blueberry and Feta Bulgur Salad. The variation subs tomato for the berries and corn for the cuke. I would be happy with the original version, but Himself isn't one for fruit in "dinner" salads. Harrumph. The veggie will be steamed broccoli. At least I LOVE that!
I'm craving something nice and cool so I think I'm just going to have tuna with chopped celery and red onion, and crispy iceberg lettuce on rye. Fresh farm stand cantaloupe on the side, and a glass of raspberry iced tea.
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I just walked in the door from work. It's cruddy out. The wind and the rain make it highly unpleasant.

So, I'm ordering a pizza, opening a bottle of wine and relaxing.
Finishing the leftovers (sides) from the food photoshoot while I'm noodling how to save the recipe that got the thumb's down a recipe that could work. It means I have to go on a dig through the freezers tomorrow for the cut of beef is listed on the main freezer as being in there, but I probably have to empty the whole darned thing to get to that layer...tomorrow.
Freezer offerings tonight are previous grill smoked ribs and grilled asparagus and ice tea. Don't know if the cubes count as leftovers or not, as several of their mates were used earlier in the day.
Didn't have any spoons left after shopping. So, we ordered out. Stirling had two gyro pita, all dressed, no tomatoes. I had the "2 stick, souvlaki platter". I'm a happy camper when I have meat on a stick. :D :pig:

The Häagen Dazs Limoncello gelato was on special, so I bought four of them. I suspect that will be dessert.

Anyone else try that yet?
I made a concoction of refried beans, shredded elk roast, and bowl of red, topped with cheddar cheese, with some home made salsa from tomatoes we got at the farmers market today

I bought the largest rack of ribs Von's had when I went shopping. It was over 4 pounds, and they were Pork Loin Back Ribs!
They were sooo meaty we could only eat 3 ribs! Kayelle used a dry rub, and finished them with her special sauce made with honey, molasses, soy sauce, sriracha, orange juice, and chili sauce.
Sounds good, Sous and Kay. :yum: I don't think I've ever seen those here, I'll have to look a little closer next time I'm in Albertson's or Stater's. Those are our only supermarkets here. :)
Wonderful eats here tonight, but very odd. No meat tonight. We ate up pears, bananas, honeycrisp apples, cottage cheese and yogurt. We had to use them up before they spoiled, so we ate all that and boy were we stuffed!


On top of that we had a movie and now we have nothing fresh in the house!! LOL.
We did a salmon on the grill with Caesar Salad. Simple but delicious!

We were out at a restaurant last week and I had a grilled romaine salad that was out of this world. I can usually figure out how they do things but I do not know how they marinated this and got it tasting the way it did - awesome!
Lamb Steaks with Redcurrant Glaze. Very yummy. Peas and potatoes from our garden.

Dessert, Strawberry Shortcake. Strawberries from our garden.
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