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DC Grandma
Dec 18, 2003
If you plan on not logging on for a few days..it would be a good idea to let someone know . that way we all won't worry and wonder where you are and if things are ok.:mellow:
Charlotte said:
The only thing is that not many are missed, just the ones who post a lot I guess. I am often away for days at a time, travelling or working overtime.
Hi Charlotte,
it must seem like that at first, but, most of these guys around here, will keep track of you:) Now that i've read you post here and have seen your pretty avitar, I'll remember you...Take, ttys
Charlotte, you'd be surprised at the private messages that get sent when someone is missing for a couple days! lol

We hadn't heard from one member in several weeks and the original site owner e-mailed her and if he didn't get a response in several days he was going to see if somehow he could get an address through her ISP to have the police check on her - we take missing people serious around here! lol But for a couple days we may not notice - but don't make it a very long time! When I'm gone for a few days though some people are really glad :w00t2:
Thanks, kadesma and kitchenelf; some of the communities where I belong have actually asked that people participate in a list of addresses and phone numbers that only the mods have... it does help!
I think it's a good idea...

In advance: I will not be here November, October later this year...but i will be here over the summer
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Oh my mizuqi. Old coot is going to yell at you when he comes back. LOL. He is in and out, he was here a few days ago so he is just fine.

Good idea on this thread Dove. Hope everyone keeps up with it.
Well, I haven't been here long enough for anyone to miss me, but we will go to the farm for several days the last week of the month and don't even have a phone there, cell phone only. We've got lots of work to do, but will have wonderful meals and I've printed out several recipes I'd like to use while we are there.
So... was I missed?

I had a FANTASTIC time on THE ROCK for the first time!

Visited my friend Lena (also a member here) and ate authentic Newfoundland foods for the first time: salted beef and pease pudding with root veggies and Prime Rib were wonderful! Lena is a fantastic cook!! Of course we had lobster and crab too!

Thanks for all the adventures, my friend.
charlotte, thank god you're back!!!! :)

did you learn any good newfie jokes?

here's one. 2 newfies were driving down to montreal, and saw a sign that said "montreal - left", so they went home....
Now that IS funny... BUT

When one goes to NL one has to totally refrain from telling jokes about them, that is the rule there. We can listen and retain the jokes if that is our 'forte' unfortunately that is not my 'forte' so I can't remember any that I heard while there. You see, Newfoundlanders are the ONLY ones allowed to tell jokes while there.

One of my other Newfoundland girlfriends once kept me up for nearly 4 hours from 11 pm on while we were making a large batch of empanadas - she was telling me jokes non-stop - I hurt for days recovering from all the laughter but it was very healing to laugh that much.
Had a run in with Jackie Gleason and he is sending me to the moon. :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: LOL sorry guys, I couldn't help it. :) I too think it is a good idea because as you become friends with people in the forums, it is hard to remember that they are could be thousands of miles away and not across the fence in the back yard and you do become concerned when you don't see someone online. :)
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It's good to see you back and we are glad you had such a good time.
I don't think I'd fit in if I went to the NL...I'd have to behave myself and thats really hard to do.
Thanks Joc, Glad you enjoyed the visit and the little bit of site seeing. She didn't say the Lobster and Crab was just 6 hours from the sea to the mouth YUM, and Dove, of course you would fit in.We are all so friendly, everyone fits in.
The LITTLE bit ??? is THAT what you call it?? Day after day on the road, walking on the beaches and docks, and climbing those 530 steps up to the top of the mountain and then going back down again?

It was AWESOME! The scenery is MAGICAL I tell you... and the PEOPLE!! I will forever remember the "m'dears" and the "m'luvs"...

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