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Miss Liberty

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Jul 8, 2011
Hello fellow forum members. I just wanted to introduce myself. My name is Liberty, or Libby for short. Yes, I'm an 4th of July baby by all of three minutes.

When it comes to cooking skills, I think I'm one step below "novice." I grew up with a dad and a big sister, both of whom I love dearly, neither having any culinary talent beyond pressing buttons on a microwave. Dinner usually came from a box or from some prepaid packaging or perhaps some condiments dropped onto a couple slices of bread. I'm recently married (six months now), and my husband loves to cook. So I'm slowly (very slowly) expanding my cooking skills and enjoying my successes as well as my numerous kitchen failures. I'm actually truly enjoying cooking when I never thought I would. I wish someone had told me a long time ago that it could be fun.

Here's the quandary we're in... the husband and I are very diametrically opposed on our tastes. I'm a vegetarian (because I like veggies more than meat) and he loves his meat. He loves Italian and I feel sick looking at a plate of marinara. We're having fun trying to discover that balance between palates, but I'm seeking to take that to the next level.

I just graduated with a degree in English and Secondary Education. Thankfully, I have a new teaching job starting this August in the town my husband and I grew up in. I also work as a part time personal trainer, and I'm really wanting to incorporate a deeper nutritional understanding and healthy cooking into my client training. I've also started my first garden and can't wait to start incorporating the bounty into our meals.

I'm looking forward to learning. I pray for patience from everyone, because I'm not technically literate in the kitchen. But I'm definitely having fun trying.

Thanks everyone.
Welcome to DC! My husband is the "vegetable" freak, whereas I'm all about protein. I often get my protein fixes from things other than meat--I love quinoa and make salads using quinoa that are full of veggies--those please both of us. I also eat a lot of "legumes."

There are people who are carb people (I can take or leave carbs), others who are sugar freaks (another thing I can take or leave) and others who really like veggies--I like veggies, I love eggplant, but I also love my protein. My DH doesn't think a meal is complete without 5 veggies (and he doesn't count corn or potatoes as veggies--those are starches). When you figure out why some of us go for protein and others for carbs, etc., I'd be interested in knowing! My favorite snack, btw, is a hard boiled egg...
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I like steak, pork and lamb as well as assorted cooked veggies and macaroni and bean dishes. But Caesar salad would seem to be a good compromise in the case of you and your DH.. Just leave the anchovies / bacon/ hard boiled eggs/ grated cheese off your portion of the salad.
when it says libby libby libby on the lable lable lable, you will like it on your table table table. :)

welcome table, umm, i mean libby. ;)
Welcome to DC! Jump in anywhere and have fun!

Where in Wyoming?
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