His sniffer got the best of him ! (Pics)

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May 9, 2009

I have been trapping coons and the occasional stray cat lately because they have been hittin my trash cans pretty hard. Have had some good results and re-located about 6 lately. So last night I put some pork butt scraps in for bait and this bandit came by last night to smell around. He's young, I can't see a full grown one going all the way in that trap to get the bait. They are pretty skiddish and alert. This young one got a life lesson last night. He will probably know better next time. I hope so anyway I want him to stay around my place. They do help control mice and moles. Personally, I do not see why people pelt them out.

He might know

Like chicken.[/quote]

This bandit might know what chicken tastes like.
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