How do I clean this?

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Nov 11, 2009
Sydney, Australia
Hi All,

Some time ago, I bought a Scanpan stainless frypan. Its been great. However, one day I cooked a chicken tikki marsala, and its never been the same since.

During the cooking, it developed a brown look, primarily around the edges of the cooking surface. It can be seen in the attached photo:

This hasnt impeded the ability of the pan - it still cooks really well. But from an appearance perspective, is there anything I can do? Ive tried scrubbing it with an abrasive sponge and detergent - but to no avail.

Can anyone offer some advice on what I should do?

Many Thanks,
Try putting some baking soda in some water and simmering it in the pan. See if that will loosen it enough to come off. If not, use some baking soda made into a paste and try scrubbing with that.
IF you cook with stainless, you should always have a can of Barkeeper's Friend on hand. It's a mild scouring powder that will not damage your SS but will get it clean. The pan in the pic has oil cooked onto the SS. It will take some elbow grease but BKF will do the trick.
I forgot to mention. Lazy folks like me also have Dawn Power Dissolver on hand. You spray it on and let it sit for 15-20 minutes. Most of that crud will wipe right off. Then you go to the BKF.
I bought a Calphalon pan at a Salvation Army store for about $13.00 but it was covered with nasty black crud. I putit in a plastic bag with about a cup of ammonia, closed it tightly and left it out on the deckovernight. In the morning it wiped clean with no scrubbing. I use this same treatment on the grill grates and my stovetop grates. It works like a charm. When I think of the hours I spent scrubbing pots and pans before I learned this trick I could shoot myself. But there is one caviat...this treatment can remove the non-stick surface of very inexpensive cookwear. I have used it on really good non-stick stuff with no problems but that pan was really bad and I figured that either way the pan was ruined so I gave it a try. It saved the pan. Hope you try it before you do a lot of scrubbing.
As suggested, Barkeepers Friend, or Bon Ami cleanser, with a blue, NOT GREEN!, Scotchbrite scrubbie will do the trick.
I bought a ScanPan years ago (they ain't cheap).
Forums across the net are full of people not having the best experience with them.
I followed all the tips trying to make it my new fave pan, it didn't pan out.
They work ok for awhile, but never got back to how they cooked when relatively new (non sticking and cleanup wise).
I also got some dark baked on looking areas after using it for awhile, and it wasn't easy to clean and it got to sticking food on thereafter.
It has some heat retraints that if not super carefully adhered to, ruins it.
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Agree with all of the above. If all else fails, soak it in real deal (not diet) Coke. It will take off the most hardened baked on stuff.....

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