How do I clean these pots?

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Nov 1, 2023
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My wife does the cooking, we just bought a brand new oven. It's GE electric glass cooktop and we bought a set of cuisenart, stainless steel pots, and pans. Her first meal cooked on this sucker was Pasta, she filled the pot with water, put the pasta and boiled it. I found the pot in the sink this morning. I don't know if she had cleaned it out but I took a little soap and a scrubdaddy and cleaned it out. When it drieD, it looked like this picture. Why does it look that way? Did she do something wrong letting it sit overnight? How are we supposed to clean it? This pot was brand new and used exactly one time.


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+1 For the Barkeeper's Friend. I use it all the time on my Instant Pot, that gets discoloration after every 3 or 4 washes in the DW, and this brings it back to new, or close to it.
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Barkeepers Friend. The dark/rainbow stains will come out easily with BKF. The little straight lines look like the pasta cooked/burned onto the pan bottom. BKF will get that off too but you'll have to scrub a bit.
I don't use BKF, because when I couldn't find it, I tried Lagostina Stainless Steel Cleaner. It's very similar. The instructions say to make a paste with a little bit of water and use that to scrub the discolouration or stains. I find that works well, better than when the powder gets too wet.

I agree with Andy, that the lines look like the pasta burnt on. I don't think she did anything wrong by letting it sit overnight. Was the water in the pot while it was sitting?
I agree with all of the above - I recently purchased Barkeepers Friend, but I use it mostly for the outsides that get discoloured. Think I had some many years ago and with time, it just disappeared off my cleaning list.
I happen to love steel wool pads, the soap soaked kind (aka SOS). I've used that for so many things - but not on glass.
I find the pads get rid of all those water stains after boiling pasta, etc.

Don't worry it was normal - you did nothing wrong.

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Glad I read this. I have an old stainless steel Dutch oven I've just used and used and it's getting funky looking inside.
I use Bon Ami instead of Barkeepers Friend. It does the job just as well and, just like the All-Clad pots and pans you're using it on, you are paying extra for the product for no reason.
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