In Seattle, where to have breakfast?

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Oct 19, 2004
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I was thinking of the 5 Spot or Tulio's or maybe taking a bus to Enumclaw to have those wonderful cinnamon rolls at the cafe there at the base of Mount Rainier. Any suggestions? I am downtown. No car, but can take a cab or a bus. Thanks, up to my room for another cup of tea, then I'll check back.
Marge - who is that guy that lives in Seattle???? Maybe you can PM him and alert him to this post.

If I think of it LEFSE I'll come back and tell you I PM'd him.
here's my recommendation...

Cafe Campagne
Description: It's a delightful, romantic daytime retreat with low ceiling, knee-to-knee cozy seating, and fine gourmet food.

Location: Downtown Seattle

Price Range: $0-15

1600 Post Alley
Seattle, WA 98101
Phone: 206 728 2233

Happy Hoildays!
Sure wish you'd asked that about a year ago... our favorite diner shut down... was in Issaquah then moved to Renton. We haven't found a new place that we really like yet. Issy isn't known for it's food. LOL~

Lunch or dinner would be easier to give you advice on.
Ivars, on the water front in Seattle
The old spaghetti factory, in Seattle
Spazzo's, in Bellevue
The Pink Door, in Seattle
Jak's, in Issaquah

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