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Jun 3, 2004
Our first competition will be April 15-16 in King's Mtn. So, all you NC, SC folk who are close enough come on up.
Would love to meet you all.
It is a BBQ cookoff. It is held at the fire museum in King's Mtn. Not sure what other activities they have planned. They usually have a band on Sat.

Friday afternoon/evening is a good time to meet and visit teams. Lots of other cooking going on then for supper, etc. Anything Butt contest is on Friday night.

Here's the link for more info.
King's Mtn BBQ Cookoff
Just a reminder, for anyone who might be able to visit. It's next weekend!

Barbara and crewsk and anyone else who is not too far away. Sure would be great to meet y'all and share some goodies with ya.
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