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Jan 2, 2011
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My friend who was a professional pastry chef gave me NINE bottles (40 ounce/quart size) of extracts--Amaretto, Poire William, Coffee, etc. I am considering contacting my lawyer to add a codicil (sp) to my will. I don't do a lot of baking--I know I can use them for cookies, cakes, mousses, but what else can I do with these? And, I'm thinking of storing them in the basement...
Wow. Make liqueurs? Add to some vodka or other neutral spirits along with superfine sugar and a complimentary fruit in a big bottle. Make your own Kahlua, Amaretto, or Baileys. Reduce with simple syrup and pour over ice cream. Add to coffee. Mix with half and half. Mix with brandy and pour over cake.

Nine quarts???!!

Might make some nice gifts if packaged in pretty bottles.
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Yes--NINE quarts. The Amaretto, Calvados, and Hazelnut haven't even been opened. The others have maybe 2 inches out of them. Lifetime supply. Great ideas, Dawglover. Keep the ideas coming!
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Found this, it might give you some ideas.

They sell their own essences, but give recipes.

I used to make my own Irish Cream, pretty good. Frangelica is a hazelnut liqueur. Raspberry cordial recipe I posted awhile back.

CWS, you came into a windfall! I'm envious!
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I would be tickled to death to receive a 'sampler' of these for Christmas or a birthday. Pretty bottles, pretty labels, or tags tied on with ribbon, maybe some recipe ideas--what a great gift, and I think even non-cooks would like it.

I would flavor yogurt or icecream!

Storage--is your basement dry? If they have metal tops, rust could be a problem. Store them in the dark, and don't let them get hot. Do they have an expiration date?
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Dawglover--I'm guessing from reading that web site, that the "essence" used for each recipe is 20 ml. It will take me forever to use all of these if I make liquor...not to mention the number of bottles of vodka I'd have to buy--guess I could check the case price <g>.
I don't see an expiration date...she kept them outside in her shed. I'll nix the basement idea--it does get damp. I guess I'll have to clear out a corner in the closet in my office...
I would just use it as a guide, experiment with what you have. Maybe try it with water and a bit of sugar, when you find the taste you like, break out the vodka! I think essence is super-concentrated. You would use more of your stuff.
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