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We picked up a bag of mixed dried cherries and blueberries at the store. I thought it would be a good in something baked. I just can't decide how to use them.


I use them in salads.

I also make rice in my cooker with a can of coconut milk,water and dried friut.

I am not much of a baker so this is all I got!
How much do you have? Could be nice in some good old muffins, or maybe even a pie if you've got enough. What are the options you were thinking about?

Blueberry/cherry muffin recipe if you need it, this one worked really well for me.
Another one my friend sent me recently, says it's good but I've never tried it myself. It's for blueberry muffins but I'm sure you can as easily substitute other berries.
Scones are easy... similar to regular biscuits except with sugar and dried fruit. From first opening the cupboard, to your first bite, less than 30 minutes!
It's a one pound bag. Muffins could work. I've never made muffins. I did cupcakes once but that cured me...let's just leave it at there were no open flames and I'm much better at BBQ.

I saw Alton or somebody use rehydrated dried fruit in a marinade and then as the sweet component of a BBQ sauce for a rack of ribs once, but I just don't recall the specifics.

Maybe you need to start thinking like an Iron Chef!? :LOL:
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Use them in any recipe that calls for raisins. Muffins, bread pudding, oatmeal cookies, banana nut bread, spice cake all come to mind. I think I'm hungry!
They can be subbed for any other dried fruit (raisins). I had some oatmeal cookies with dried cranberries this summer and they were fantastic.
Thanks for the responses everybody. I made some scones this morning. It was really easy. The recipe I found was very simple. More or less a biscuit with fruit in it. The teenagers gobbled them up, so I guess they turned out well enough.

It too late for my suggestion. Well, I would suggest the same thing as cupcakes topped blueberry or cherry. Also, you can make a cheese cake out of it. :)

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