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Jun 6, 2007
How many of you sharpen you own knives? I'm trying to learn and have bought a " Nortons Whetstone Kit" with 4 different grits. I still need some ceramic rods and a leather belt...I saw a guy fillet a red fish with one hand with a Dexter Russel fillet knive and it went through like butter. He said to get whetstones and learn to sharpen..

Thanks in advance Centralites!!

I use the same thing on my everyday knives, ceramic on my huntin knives and a good steel on my Forschners. I used to sell custom hand made knives and still have one new fillet knife kickin around. If interested, I'll send pics.....would go for $140

Pigs On The Wing BBQ said:
This is what I use. Quick, easy, and gets the job done. ... y_hg_img_a

I got 3 carbon stones ta get a good edge goin, then onto two different Arkansas wet stones, then just keep the edge with a good steel. Ya gotta be carefull with them knives!
Thanks yall... Maybe Greg can have a knife sharpener on the radio show someday....
ScottyDaQ said:
Cliff H. said:
I have great difficulty keeping knives sharp.
Do you hone them with a steel before each use?

Yep! Buy a steel and then you'll keep your edge alot longer. My dad use to sharpen his (Forschners) on 2 differet stones w/ oil about once a year. I still remember hearing that distinct sound! damn that was a long time ago. :shock: :)

I bought steel and love it. But mines not diamond.... :cry:
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