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Apr 8, 2006
West Seneca NY
Our homemade Kraut is done and will canned tomarrow...and as long as we are canning...we will be making some Mustard viewtopic.php?f=4&t=7302 and some Taco sauce (the Taco sauce recipe is in the Ball Blue Book of canning..and will be altered slightly with some stuff that I prefer)
What was the verdict from the Quality Control dept. about the kraut? Couldn't have been too bad, if you decided to can it.
Mikey came back for a big handfull...It was good a tad salty at first but if you gave it a rinse it was spot on...and the flavor didn't go away like the store bought stuff after the rinse
This batch was much better then the one we did a few years ago...this batch was just cabbage and peppercorns..
Your mustard is very yummy, too, if I can judge by the jar you gave to me. Would love the taco sauce recipe, if you can let me know!
Puff said:
Hey Dave how about the recipe for the mustard?
Ditto, I've wanted to make my own forever, but I've never seen a recipe that wouldn't cost a mint. (then again I've only looked the once, but If I can find one here I know it's trustworthy).

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