Lemon and Poppy Seed Cupcakes - but no Poppy Seeds!

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Jul 11, 2013
I promised to make these cupcakes for work this week, and found some blue poppy seeds at the back of a cupboard. Lord knows how old they are, and they smell a bit rancid so I won't be using them. I can't get hold of any poppy seeds currently, for some reason. However, does it really matter if I leave them out? They don't taste of anything really, do they?
I always keep poppy seeds - white and blue - in the freezer, because they do get rancid, and I use them seldom. They don't have a lot of flavor, except when they get rancid!
I personally don't think so. Just something to pick out of your teeth and crunch on. There might be a faint flavour in the background but only a die-hard might notice and wonder why it's different.

Surprise them - add pepper! or black sesame seeds!

(surpised me! found this which I typed yesterday about 3pm - LOL)

Has anybody coined a word for something not posted for hours. I do it here and even when texting - and then wonder why they've never answered.
I don't really see poppy seeds looking right on sweet muffins or cupcakes. They seem to be more suitable for savory stuff, rolls or baps. I remember my delicious turkey salad poppyseed rolls from a central London sandwich bar, near my office.
do you have chia seeds? they're very similar.
I do actually have chia seeds and I did contemplate using them. However, my understanding of chia seeds is that when wet they form a gel-like substance and look a bit like frog spawn! Not something I would be looking for in a lemon cupcake... I only ever use them (sparingly) in Porridge (yes @dragnlaw - I still have the occasional bowl - specially now I have limitations on crunchy/chewy food while my dental issues persist!) LOL

I have decided to delay the cupcakes til next week (being tactical there because of activities in the office! ;) :whistling I don't want to have to make loads!) By then, I may have acquired some poppy seeds, and if I haven't, I shall make delicious Lemon Cupcakes instead!)
i've baked with chia instead of poppy without that froggy result. but you do you.
Maybe I will try them in another recipe! I did put some in a savoury seeded bake thing I made quite a while ago and that was fine. I guess the "gel" stuff gets absorbed within the texture of the bake so you don't notice it.

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