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Sous Chef
May 30, 2010
Thousand Oaks, CA
It's 6:00 am Saturday and we are "SMOKIN"!!!


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nice.... 8)

cooking barefoot can be hazardous ( i stepped on a hot coal that fell out of a chimney once and it stuck to my foot :oops: )
Good lookin cook going on TB and your setup looks good too, like that heater. I have a piece of Royal Oak embedded in the sole of my Crocs, melted right in there, lucky it was not my foot :D
Pigs On The Wing BBQ said:
[quote="Nick Prochilo":u8bs8c06]
californiagrillin said:
Looks good. Whats with the bathtub in the background?
I'm guessing it's the urinal!

Dog gone Nick that's just so wrong. But funny. :LOL:


Now that's liivn' in a mans world!
Okay, the bath tub is an old baby tub; we use it for holding wine.
Here are some finished pics. I wish I could have taken one of finished plate, but the tequila was flowing and I was a cross-eyed by then. Toby Keil you're and evil neighbor (no just kidding). We had a great day yesterday and the new bullet worked like a champ.

Today we're having BBQ Brisket sanwiches and some smoked trout!


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Brings a tear to my eye everytime a new smoker is "broke in".
Real nice man. Enjoy it.

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