My BBQ & Spice Setup Video

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Nice collection. I hope you know they only last a year before they loose their essential oils (lose flavor) so do what Cliff said :LOL:
Essential oils are volatile. If they are kept right you can keep them longer. Also, toasting spices also helps bring them out. The majority of that English stuff I got from my Mum, as both my parents passed away in the past couple years.
Plenty of spices and very well organized. Looks like you could use some Big Ron's Rub to add to your collection.
Is it distributed in Canada? Importing items like that can get costly. Taxes in this fine country run wild.
I was thinking of rubbing my own ... I mean, making my own rub. Not like I don't have plenty to work with.

I am guessing the forums have some ideas on how to make a rub? I make a general Indian spice called Jabberwocky.
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