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Feb 16, 2013
Waterdown, Ontario
Came across this by accident. Often wondered where people came up with different 'National Day' or 'World Day'. Interesting, especially as they give the reason for and when it was started.

National Day Calendar

So today actually has 5 participants. Obviously Red Mitten is one of mine and Stuffing the other! LOL Of course, they all have merit and I'm not belittling them, but go ahead choose 2 you like!

World Television Day (2019)
World Hello Day (2019)
National Gingerbread Day (2017) (I was celebrating several years before that!)
National Red Mitten Day (2017) (Canadian Olympic Pride)
National Stuffing Day (2014)

You can go to the link above and see what is written about them. Plus you can check out in advance what's coming up.
Tomorrow is National Tie One On (apron, not booze)
and there is National Cranberry Day - this must be Janet H's "think I'm getting nervous day - he's headed for the kitchen with a blender in mind - where's the mop"
So please people are supposed to make their stuffing 2 days early?? I doubt that this is going to make that a popular habit.

I always figured most of these "days" were made up by companies trying to sell things.

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