Sunday Special - Pop Culture A to Z

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Dec 20, 2005
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Sunday Special - Pop Culture A to Z

A. Ben Cartwright's brooding, "Man-in-Black" eldest son...
B. Gilda Radner's Character, spoofing a famous female TV news personality...
C. "Know what comes between me and my _______ ?? .......Nothing "" -Brooke Shields
D. Mega-short, butt-cLeaving denim shorts
E. Dressed in his trademark plaid jacket and red hat, this bumpkin was Oliver Douglas'
Bird-brained farmhand...
F. TV Action-Drama starring Lee Majors...
G. Five of these Trading Cards, spoofing the Cabbage-Patch Kids, would cost an 80's kid 25 cents....
H. a modern-day recreational sport in which players work at keeping a small, bean-filled bag from hitting the ground using any body part except the hands............
I. ...First chart-topper for Sonny & Cher.....
J. Magazine for youngsters ages 7 to 10........
K. Canvas Sneakers popular with youngsters, especially the girls.....
L. Jack Tripper's best friend....
M. "Draw Like Magic - Erase Like Magic" ... Etch-a-Sketch-like toy .......
N. "It was the Delta's against the Rules.... the Rules lost !"
O. Movie in which "Raquel Welch wears the world's very first bikini ..."
P. Video Games' very first superstar, dubbed "the Mickey Mouse of the Eighties...."
Q. The family werewolf and all-around bad guy in "Dark Shadows...
R. The inventive Blondie tune about a man from Mars who went around eating cars, is distinguished by being the very first "Rap" tune to reach number one on the Pop Charts ....
S. Housemaid Alice's meat-chopping boyfriend on TV's "the Brady Bunch"....
T. "Greetings, Fright Fans...." Premiering on HBO in 1989, a TV anthology based on Horror comic books of the fifties....
U. A regular on the Gong Show, he stood up there and cracked corny jokes during the show's interludes.....
V. 1967 Film in which Helen Lawson (Susan Hayward) says, "They drummed you right out of Hollywood, so you came crawling back to Broadway ... Well, Broadway doesn't go for booze and dope..."
W. There were quite a few Movies that were based on SNL skits.... "Blues Brothers" was the first, in 1980...
This, the second one, came 12 years later, and urged you to "Rock On" !
X. "The Truth is Our There......"
Y. Debbie Boone scored the inspirational hit of 1977 with this tune...
Z. aq short, bald, big-nosed, wide-eyed fellow, along his dog Fuzz,was created by cartoonist tom wilson .
A. Adam
B. Baba Wawa
C. "Calvins"
D. Daisy Dukes
E. Eb Dawson
F. Fall Guy
G. Garbage-Pail Kids
H. Hackey-Sack
I. I Got You, Babe
J. Jack & Jill
K. Keds
L. Larry Dallas
M. Magna-Doodle
N. "National Lampoon's Animal house"
O. "One Million Years B.C.
P. Pac-Man
Q. Quentin Collins
R. "Rapture"
S. Sam the Butcher
T. Tales From the Crypt
U. Unknown Comic
V. "Valley of the Dolls"
W. "Wayne's world"
X. "X-Files"
Y. You Light Up My Life
Z. Ziggy
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