Pretzel Dogs and Sausages

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Oct 7, 2009
San Diego CA
Saw a couple of youtube video cooks I wanted to try. One was from the Kamado Joe site where he took pretzel dough and wrapped it around some brats and the other was from BBQFOODFORU where he took a clay tool and cut out a grove in a hot dog added cheese and wrapped in bacon. I kind of took both ideas and sort of mashed the two together.

The sausages and hot dogs I used.

Instead of making my own dough I used store bought pizza dough and I didn't have a clay tool but I did have a paper clip and it did the job just fine.
Sausages wrapped in the dough and grooves cut in the dogs and a couple stuffed with some sharp cheddar

Closeup of the dogs

Made a soda water bath and dunked each sausage and dog two at a time for a minute

After their bath I did an eggwash and sprinkled everything with a little Kosher salt. I added a toothpick to the dogs just so I knew which side the cheese was on. Had a little dough left over to make a couple of pretzels, I need practice on shaping them obviously!

Approx. 15 minutes later everything is done


Served with some tomato soup and some plain ole yellow mustard for dipping.
That did look sorta weird. Us po folks normally make lengthwise incision to hold the cheese. Put a strip of bacon around it and it was called City Quail back in the good old days. What is up with the Pretzles? Is that a yankee thing?
All I can say V is ...


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